About NaCl Chambers

A range of basic corrosion test chambers you can afford!

Easy to install-minimal number of external service connections
Simplified operation-Intuitive touch screen interface (HMI)
Highest of quality while maintaining an affordable price

A range of basic corrosion chambers that you can trust!

HM Series - HM500/HM1000 - Saturated Humidity
SS Series - SS500/SS1000 - Salt Spray Basic
SSP Series - SS500/SS1000 - Advanced
  • A range of 6 saturated humidity and salt spray chambers
  • Two sizes to chose from---500 liter and 1000 liter
  • Constructed of reinforced plastic (GRP) a durable impact and chemical resistant properties for long life
  • Transparent doomed canopy with self supporting opener
  • SSP series is equipped with advanced controls system using a peristaltic pump with adjustable speed to insure consistent fall-out rates

Basis Chamber Design Features