Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories for all Cabinets

  500L 1000L Option Reference  
Internal base loading platform ACC15/8 ACC15/9 Horizontal removable loading platform, covering the internal base of cabinet to enable large/heavy test samples to be accommodated directly on the internal base of the cabinet.
Extra sample holders ACC16/7 ACC17/7 Additional sample holders.
Rod type sample holders ACC18/4 ACC17/7 For suspending small test samples hung beneath, or supporting larger test samples placed on top.
Spiked type sample holders ACC18/4 ACC18/5 For suspending test samples from 10mm/0/.4 dia x 55mm/2 degrees long spikes, equally spaced on both sides.
Transformer ACC33 Converts the NaCl cabinet to operate on 110 volts.
Height increase kit ACC56 Kit of components for raising the height of a cabinet by 138mm plus/minus 10 mm.
Installation kit – SS & SSP cabinets
Installation kit – H cabinets
A U-trap to connect between the outlet cabinet and local drain facility, to prevent any smells from entering the cabinet via the drain. Also 3m of drain/exhaust tubing with a selection of couplers, and (for ACC 22 only) 3 m compressed air hose with hose clips.

Optional Accessories for SS & SSP Cabinets

  500L 1000L Option Reference  
Fall-out measuring kit ACC35 Two 8-cm2 funnels and two 0-100ml measuring cylinders, for monitoring salt spray fall-out rate.
Hand-held salinity refractometer ACC100 ACC100 A salinity refractometer to give a direct reading of percentage sodium chloride in water, in the range 0 to 28% from a single drop of salt solution.
Insulated roof blanket ACC45/1 ACC45/2 An insulated blanket for the transparent roof.
Advanced salt solution reservoir ACC02/* Translucent salt solution tank with a graduated scale for viewing the contents, supplied with a hinged lid for filling & cleaning, mounted on castors.

*ACC02/1 80 Ltr /21 US gal capacity model
*IACC02/2 115 Ltr /30 US gal capacity model
*ACC02/3 150 Ltr/42 US gal capacity model
Deionizer ACC06/* Provides high purity water.

*ACC06/1 small model
*ACC06/2 medium model
*ACC06/3 large model
Hand-held pH meter ACC 11 Digital pH meter, for measuring the pH of salt solution fallout over range 0-14 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH.
Air agitation of salt solution ACC96 Uses compressed air bubbles to aid dissolving salt.
Peristaltic pump tube and atomizer filters ACCXX 1m length of replacement peristaltic pump tubing and pack of 5 replacement atomizer filters.
Exhaust scrubber (w/o recirculation pump) ACC92/1 Allows chamber to exhaust w/o creating external penetration to facility.
Exhaust scrubber (with recirculation pump) ACC92/3 Allows chamber to exhaust w/o creating external penetration to facility utilizing recirculated water.